Family tree LittleBoy2Be blog

As the youngest blogger in the world, I will be reporting live to you from my mummy’s womb. We, that is my future mother & father including myself, are living in the most gorgeous cosmopolitan city in the Netherlands (some even claim in the world), Amsterdam.
I will be born into a family of many nationalities, so I herewith add my simplified family tree so that you can see with your own eyes what a wonderful mixture of nationalities I am.
My mother is Belgian with French roots (born and raised in the beautiful city of Gent) and my father Dutch with English roots (born and raised in Utrecht, a gorgeous city in the centre of the Netherlands).  From now on I will call them “mummy” and “paps”. They met in Paris when mummy was studying European languages and fashion design at the prestigious Sorbonne University and believe it or not, it was love at first sight!
They finally decided to settle in Amsterdam and that’s where I come into their love story as a token of their love committment.
Mummy is working as a freelance fashion analyst and paps has his own company. They both work hard, but try to enjoy life to the fullest, cherishing the simple things in life and accepting each other as they are.