I’m back, at last …

There is really nothing that beats an afternoon at the seaside. In fact, there is nothing that beats our favourite beach place. Whenever mummy feels a bit stressed or distressed – which I sometimes reckon to be the cause of – spending a few hours at the seaside, walking on the beach, enjoying the relativity of time and the endless view, helps her to relax. When I feel her relaxing, I automatically turn into “pause mode”. Then the both of us are “zen”.  Quite a precious automatism, you know. As summer has barely started, school holidays have not yet started, the beach is not that crowded as it will be during high season, when relaxing moments are not that relaxed.  Today, as mummy and I are both in “holiday mode”, we are wondering how it will be like meeting for the first time. I already have a pretty good idea of how mummy looks like, but I find it hard to imagine how it will be like when she will be holding me in her arms for the first time. Will it feel as safe as I am now?   

It must be much more difficult for mummy to figure out what I will look like.  The ultrasound picture she was so proud of, definately was not realistic! You can’t tell whether I’m a girl or a boy!  Let’s hope the next picture will show her that I’m a truly handsome, healthy boy.  For all I know, she may even be wanting to buy pink dresses.  No way I’m ever going to wear that! They will have to come and get me before I will ever be seen in pink. Anyway, do you reckon mummy is really looking forward to bringing me onto this world?  My Chinese FBF – monkey baby (a baby born in the Year of the Monkey) – says his mummy can’t wait to be a monkey mama.  but hey, Chinese are known to love “Monkey Babies”, but I’m not Chinese, nor is mummy …  so I’m not sure whether mummy will want me to leave her belly as she is always caressing her belly.  I don’t want to spoil her pregnant feeling, you lnow. One day I will have to pop out anyway or she might risk exploding! I am growing steadily, so D-day is coming … I’m not going to worry about this yet. We’ll get there when we get there. Time for a beauty nap now. Speak to you soon.

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