Please welcome the youngest blogger in the world!

G'day mates,

As I am a little bit bored "down under" (it really feels as if I am on the other side of the world), I thought it to be a good idea to start practising my communication skills by sharing my thoughts with you on my own multi-subject blog that I have just recently started. Thanks to social media I can even practise my social abilities! It took me a while to figure it all out, but I finally managed creating an account on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Google Plus. How about that?!

Although I am quite limited in my small though safe motherly environment, I do, however, have all the time in the world to contemplate on what is going on out there, in your world, of which I hope to become part in the near future. You know, sometimes, I am really fed up with this awkward position and then I wish I were already in my mum's secure arms. Unfortunately, I have to content myself with this belly-position for the time being. It's no use crying over spoilt milk, they say, so I won't drown myself in self-pity and I will make sure that Mummy can be proud of her little boy by making great efforts in order to turn this blog into my personal achievement that I can already put on my resume as soon as I come to life.

Many of you may think that unborn children have absolutely no clue whatsoever of what is happening outside of the womb, but I can assure you that that is not the case. On the one hand I am very often amazed by the way you guys can mess up your lives; on the other hand my heart can be filled with joy and proudness when I see some of you achieving goals in life that seem so trivial to some, but prove to be so honest and courageous to others. However, I have no right to judge. After all, I don't know how I will proceed after the "drop-out".

As Mummy is a very active human being, highly interested in fashion, literature, art, food, (healthy) cooking and travelling, and as she has spread her cultural genes onto me, I am submerged in all sorts of perceptions, so that I am already developping my own view on things, which I would very much like to share with you on a regular basis. I won't discuss neither politics nor religion as you may understand that that is way too complicated for me. After all, I'm just a little boy.

I have been following a few fashion and food bloggers myself and as I got to understand this blog phenomenon, which is really huge, I decided to take the blog plunge myself.

Dear people, please welcome the youngest blogger mankind has ever witnessed! I hope you will be a loyal audience. As I reckon it's highly important for me to come well prepared into your world, I appreciate receiving your feedback on a regular basis.

This great fun, people! As I cannot meet with you guys in person, I would really appreciate if you could connect with me on social media. That would make me such a happy boy!

A big (theoretical) hug from


PS1 2 inch is my actual size at the moment & PS2 2 lb is my actual weight

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